Плъзгащ Капак Ultra Thin кейс за камера Apple MacBook

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 Плъзгащ Капак Ultra Thin  кейс за камера Apple MacBook  iMac iPad Cell Phone

Плъзгащ капак предпазващ от нежеланите посетители, които шпионират през обектива на камерата. За да се предпазите само плъзнете този интелигентен капак върху камерата си. Когато трябва да използвате камерата  можете да плъзнете в  обратна посока

Ultra-Thin Webcam Cover Slide Laptop Camera Cover Sticker Blocker for Laptop Apple MacBook iMac iPad Cell Phone Tablet Echo Show Anti Spy Privacy

  • Size: 20 x 10 x 2.2 mm

◆ Webcam Cover - Fits laptop, desktop, PC, macBook pro, iMac, mac Mini, computer, smart phone, echo spot, PS4, fits on most devices, protecting your privacy security, keep you computer or iPad or iPhone etc from spying on you! (Notes: It not fits any full display)

◆ Ultra-Thin & Small- 0.022inches thick allowing laptops to close perfectly. Super thin, The size is perfect for laptops and cell phone front facing camera, not worried about scratching your work laptop.

◆ Movable Slider - This webcam cover is super easy to slide open and close for when you want to take selfies or photos or video chats.

◆ Easy To Install - Installing this camera cover was simple. First, I made sure my screen was clean and free of dust, smudges, etc. Next, I simply removed the small adhesive backing from the webcam cover, lined it up with my webcam, and pressed it firmly in place.

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